New lolita dress

Godday everyone! How are you all doing today??
I got my dress some days ago! I am so happy and it's so pretty in person! And look at the cute print on it! It's just so wonderful!


My inspirations

This post will be about peaple that have inspired me.
Hope yoy like it!

I am going to start with Emilia.^^
I have seen her om japanese flea markets and events, but never really talked to her...
I love her outfits! They are so cute and just soo sweet like candy!

And then we have adoreble Kokorochan! I love her lolita outfits! She has always been a big inspiration to me! And she is so nice to! I hope that I can talk to her on the next Japan flea market!

Next is beautiful and super cool Iona! I have meet her a few times and she is really nice!
I hope that she is going to the Japan flea market to so I can meet her again!
 And I just love her hair!

And Malin or Mio! She is a really cute gal and I have seen her aswell at Seremedys concert.^^
I don't juse to like gryaru so much, but after reading her blog I have really gotten into gyaru lately!

And Saga! I love Saga's outfits! I love her style and it suits her so perfectly!
And I got a hug from her at Närcon and I told her that I loved her style!

 And thats was all~ I hope that you guys liked tis post!

Bought a new lolita dress! ^^

Nyappy?? How are you all doing?? Good I hope!

I have bought another lolita dress named Wonder Cookie and it is from Qutieland, but I am buying it from a girls blog.
I am so happy and can't wait till it will arive! The dress is a copy from the famous lolita brand Angelig Pretty, I could'nt afford a real Angelic Pretty dress cuse they are so expensive...
But I don't think anyone will see the difference anyway.
The quality on the dress I bougt is good and it was cheap to! It cost 415:-
actually really cheap for a lolita dress!

And this is how the dress looks! (but in pink)


New jacket

Hello~~ I got a present from my mom: My dream jacket! I love it so much! She bought it on RIO to me because it was on sale! I have had my eyes on it for a long while, but it was so expensive and I don't have any money so I could'nt buy it... ;;_____;;
I'm so happy that my mom bought it to me! I whant to merry it!!!!

But I think this jacket is to nice to have for school. I will just make it dirty so I am onely going to juse this on events!

the GazettE- Ibitsu (full song)

Yaaay!!!! The full song of the GazettE's ibitsu is now on youtube! It sounds so... Awsome! It must sound so much better if I had the album but like i said before I have no money left I have to wait like.... 2 or 3 months... WHYYYYY!!!!! I whant Division now!!!! ;;______;; But sadly there is nothing I can do about is...


Hello everyone!~

Sorry that all of my posts are sooo boring.. I will try to make some postes that's not this boring...
So yeah..

Well I have onely been home in 5 days and I have been watching a anime named Romeo x Juliet. I have alredy seen the begining of that anime, but I stoped after a while (not realy sure why...)☆
And I have been talking to friend on fb and ec. A lot of peaple adds me on ec and I don't really know why! I have gotten friend requests in 4 days...And I am like: "O___o Who are they??" Haha!

Another awsome thing is that Seremedys album "Welcome to our madness" was realised to day here in  Sweden! ヽ(^∇^*)ノ
I should have bought it at their concert, but I did'nt have enough money. BUHUUUU!!!! (well at least I got my poster signed and a hug from all the members!ヾ(。╹ω╹。)ノ )
So I will buy it on like Bengans if they have it!

Going to talk to Michiko now!!!! (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)


Seremedy gig


As you know I was at Seremedys gig at Fryshuset.

At first I meet Aiko and Michiko and then we whent to fryshuset and we meet a lot of nice peaple in the line. And I got hugged of a brolita! He was just sooo cute!!!!
And after a while we could go inside and wait for the gig to start. Seremedy was lika 1h late, but it was worth the wait cuz the concert was just so amazing! And Seike dyed his bang pink again and his perfect voice almost killed me! <333 Yohio... SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I love his dress!
They where so nice when I asked them for a hug and Seike remembers me!!! OMG!!!! Can't belive it!
I am sooooo happy!
And I also meet gorgeous Iona! She looked awsome in her black dress!

Here is all of the songs they played:

  1. Encore:
  2. Encore 2:

New hair

I dyed my hair a little! What do you think?? :3