Hello everyone!~

Sorry that all of my posts are sooo boring.. I will try to make some postes that's not this boring...
So yeah..

Well I have onely been home in 5 days and I have been watching a anime named Romeo x Juliet. I have alredy seen the begining of that anime, but I stoped after a while (not realy sure why...)☆
And I have been talking to friend on fb and ec. A lot of peaple adds me on ec and I don't really know why! I have gotten friend requests in 4 days...And I am like: "O___o Who are they??" Haha!

Another awsome thing is that Seremedys album "Welcome to our madness" was realised to day here in  Sweden! ヽ(^∇^*)ノ
I should have bought it at their concert, but I did'nt have enough money. BUHUUUU!!!! (well at least I got my poster signed and a hug from all the members!ヾ(。╹ω╹。)ノ )
So I will buy it on like Bengans if they have it!

Going to talk to Michiko now!!!! (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)


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  1. svar: då är vi två x3 <3
    detsamma :D det hoppas jag att vi gör ^^ kom gärna förbi mitt bord och hälsa :3