My inspirations

This post will be about peaple that have inspired me.
Hope yoy like it!

I am going to start with Emilia.^^
I have seen her om japanese flea markets and events, but never really talked to her...
I love her outfits! They are so cute and just soo sweet like candy!

And then we have adoreble Kokorochan! I love her lolita outfits! She has always been a big inspiration to me! And she is so nice to! I hope that I can talk to her on the next Japan flea market!

Next is beautiful and super cool Iona! I have meet her a few times and she is really nice!
I hope that she is going to the Japan flea market to so I can meet her again!
 And I just love her hair!

And Malin or Mio! She is a really cute gal and I have seen her aswell at Seremedys concert.^^
I don't juse to like gryaru so much, but after reading her blog I have really gotten into gyaru lately!

And Saga! I love Saga's outfits! I love her style and it suits her so perfectly!
And I got a hug from her at Närcon and I told her that I loved her style!

 And thats was all~ I hope that you guys liked tis post!


  1. Aaaaw, you're so cute, Mae! ^^ <3

  2. Is it the japanese flee market in October you mean? ^^

  3. I didn't know about the flee market before I read your blog. ^^ If I'm not booked, I will definitely visit it.

  4. svar: gör det :D animen är bättre nu än den är i början, men har man läst mangan så vet man att den bara blir bättre och bättre ;)

    uhuhuuh omg jag är med i listan ;; A ;; <33 tack såååå mkt, jag förtjänar det inte ;;___;; du måste komma och prata med mig på loppisen <33 hälsa på Emilia också, hon är min vän och jättesnäll :D Saga med om du träffar henne där ^u^ <3


  5. Månadens blogg pågår just nu på min lilla blogg ^u^ Skulle vara jätte kul om du ville vara med!! ^_~ Kramar// Kelly >w<