Herro~ ☆ 彡

I am going to Linköing with Mori tommorow. We are going to a Närcon, a convention.
This will be the second time I'm going to a convention and I am so exited.
We have to wake really early so we can pick up Mori and then we're going to Linköping. I hope to see many peaple that I have been talking to on ec and blogs.

And after that I going to se Seremedy (if I can) at fryshuset.
I have always wanted to see them live and this is my big chans Seremedy is Swedens best band ever! If you don't know them check them out! ♪

Pink girl


I had nothing to do yesterday so I took some random pictures of me with my pink wig on.
Please ignore my face if I look weird.......