Home Sweet Home ☆ 彡.

Hello cuties!!! ☆ 彡.
I am  home now from a verry long school day! It feelt like it was never going to end! >>

Some guys in my new class started asking random questions about J-rock! Haha! But I really enyojed answering! I had my An Cafe tshirt today! I love it so muuch so I bought another one! So cute and comfortable!

Todays look! o(≧∀≦)o

I am wering a wig cuse i axidently cut my hair to short... (._____.")



I reallt whant a new wig but i dont know were to buy it from..
I whant a wig from GLW but my dad does'nt whant me to buy from internet.. ;;_____;;
I don't know what to do. But all I can do is hope that someone will sell a lolita wig on the japan flea market in october!

And don't forgett to check out Emilias post abou wigs!
So jealouse of her! I whant her wigs!!!

Here are some cute wigs from GLW

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Long Curly Lolita / Gyaru - Blended Powdered Pink & Blue | Model: Elodie de Frise

Rockstar Wigs | Split Babydoll - Pink & Blonde

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Dollight Collection - Light Blonde | Model: Grace Valentine | Haitham's Photography
Gothic Lolita Wigs | Classic Lavender Wig for Lolita & Fairy-Kei | Model: Grace Valentine

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Rhapsody in Pink | Model: Grace Valentine | Photography: Kheim Pham




I have nothing to write about so I am going to make a outfit post today. I hopa you guys will like it. ^^

This is my outfit for today

And this is my outfis from the school photoshoot


Trying to post enything intresting, but I just don't know what to write about so please come with suggestions!

Today we had a school photoshot, something I don't like cuse I always end up looking so SDFGHJK on every photo!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)And I exidently cut my hair to short so I have to wear a wig,  but I don't really minde having a wig instead of my real hair.
And when I came home i read a very intresting post by Seike about people calling others "Wapanese" on EC.
I like to read Seikes blog, he writes about intresing and funny things that makes me read his blog all the time!

Song of the day!



Thank you sooooo much for following my blog! It makes me soo happy! ;;u;; I tought that anyone would be read or follow my blog so thank you so much for following me! ☆ 彡.

 My post is'nt verry intresting, I know.. .____. But I am trying to make some intresting post here soon so please keep reading my blog cuse that makes me so happy! o(≧∀≦)o School tomorrow so I have to go to sleep now! See ya!
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