New jacket

Hello~~ I got a present from my mom: My dream jacket! I love it so much! She bought it on RIO to me because it was on sale! I have had my eyes on it for a long while, but it was so expensive and I don't have any money so I could'nt buy it... ;;_____;;
I'm so happy that my mom bought it to me! I whant to merry it!!!!

But I think this jacket is to nice to have for school. I will just make it dirty so I am onely going to juse this on events!


  1. nice jacket!
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Svar: Vet inte om du kan se när jag svarade direkt på bloggen, men du kan fortfarande köpa klänningen!
    Vill du att jag skickar kontonummer? :)

  3. SV: nu har jag skickat ett mail med kontouppgifter :)