I reallt whant a new wig but i dont know were to buy it from..
I whant a wig from GLW but my dad does'nt whant me to buy from internet.. ;;_____;;
I don't know what to do. But all I can do is hope that someone will sell a lolita wig on the japan flea market in october!

And don't forgett to check out Emilias post abou wigs!
So jealouse of her! I whant her wigs!!!

Here are some cute wigs from GLW

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Long Curly Lolita / Gyaru - Blended Powdered Pink & Blue | Model: Elodie de Frise

Rockstar Wigs | Split Babydoll - Pink & Blonde

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Dollight Collection - Light Blonde | Model: Grace Valentine | Haitham's Photography
Gothic Lolita Wigs | Classic Lavender Wig for Lolita & Fairy-Kei | Model: Grace Valentine

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Rhapsody in Pink | Model: Grace Valentine | Photography: Kheim Pham


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  1. svar: jag med ^u^ <3

    jag ska sälja en av mina peruker på loppisen :D du kan kolla på min blogg vilken om du klickar på "säljer" på sidan :)