☆Shopping with Amanda and Josse☆

Nyappy! o(≧∀≦)o

I have been shopping today with my dear friends Amanda and Josse!
I have missed them sooo much! 
We went to every punk/emo store we could find!
I bought a An Cafe shirt on RockZone. The shirt is waaay to big for me so it's lika a dress on me (well it was size L s yhea..)! I am going to show it later, but not now cuz I am to lazy to fix it now. Amanda also bught a An cafe shirt and Josse bought glovers.
And after that we went to "s-f bokhandeln" and looked at movies,manga, anime, magazines and books.
I looked for a Shoxx magazine with the GazettE, but they didn't have any left, they onely had Nightmare and SuG. But I really like them to! And then I had to go home.... 。゚(゚^Д^゚)゚。
I had a really great time with them and I hope that we can go out soon again!

And look what I found! A picture from when An Cafe was in Sweden! I have been on that place to day!!!
Bengans!!!!!!! O_______________O

Well thats everything from me this time.

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